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Every day, we go to work with purpose and passion to deliver life-changing experiences to our clients and their employees. With a mission to provide uncompromising service, we approach our client relationships by adhering to three simple rules.

  • Look at the world from your perspective
  • Make your job easier
  • Be responsive and never leave you hanging


In 1997, we opened our doors as a benefits and financial consulting firm. Over the years, as our expertise has grown, we have evolved into a Human Capital Management Company. Today, we offer a wide range of services to give our clients a competitive edge. These include Employee Benefits Consulting, Human Resource Administration, and Organizational Development Consulting.

Refocusing Our Mission

In 2014, we changed our approach to business by empowering our employees. We asked them to help us in our mission to be outstanding in all we do. With that challenge, we worked collaboratively to create DS Benefits Group’s Core Values.

This is what we believe:

  1. Family Spirit is valued each day.
  2. Imagination has no boundaries.
  3. Dare to be different and have the courage to embrace change.
  4. Freedom of expression and thought.
  5. We are fresh, fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously!
  6. Remain humble.
  7. We are accountable to each other and our clients.

Our commitment to our values hasn’t gone unnoticed.

  • We’re a two-time winner of the Weatherhead 100 Award
  • We’ve been honored with the Capital Business Growth Award
  • In 2019, we were named Best Employer in Ohio

Even more important, we’ve helped our clients celebrate monumental achievements, too.

  • Best in Class, Highest Employee Engagement
  • Inc. 5000 Employer
  • North Coast 99
  • Weatherhead 100
  • Best Employer in Ohio

The Evolution Continues

At DS Benefits Group, we will continue to evolve and grow by being avid learners, by being technologically savvy, and by interpreting meaningful trends in the workplace. We will reimagine ways to exceed our clients’ expectations, protect and grow our company culture, and be the best people we can be every day.

DS Benefits executive team

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