Most Recent Updates On COVID-19 


    Navigating the ever-changing landscape of how your business is being affected by COVID-19 is overwhelming on its own. Trying to translate that to your employees with a sense of calm and empathy, especially those you were forced to lay off, requires the knowledge of specific regulations so you can be a resource for them. Being that resource, or reaching out to us for help, is key to showing your team how much you care.


    Akron Better Business Bureau Exclusive Webinar

    5.20.20 8-8:45AM Join Matt Baker speaking on the importance of Telemedicine, changes to HSA/FSA plans, engaging employees as they come back to work, and EPA's along with alternative funding for employers.

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    Helping Surrounding Communities

    Featured in the local news, or simply helping out and giving back to those in need. We are proud to call you a client and friend.

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    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Toolkit

    Navigating how to apply the new regulations to your organization, support your team with empathy, AND keep your business going is not easy. Here is how we can help.

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    In The Know - Understanding the Historic $2 Trillion Stimulus Package

    Congress recently passed a $2 trillion package to provide a jolt to the economy reeling from the deadly virus. 

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    Guide to Surviving an Economic Downturn with Talent Optimization

    Discover how your company can adapt to changing circumstances through the power of talent optimization.

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    Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Document

    Get the facts about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act in this insightful fact sheet.

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    Legal News | Handling Layoffs & COBRA During COVID-19

    Trying to translate that to your employees with a sense of calm and empathy, especially those you were forced to lay off, requires the knowledge of specific regulations so you can be a resource for them.

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    FFCRA Poster

    Here's what you need to know about The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act).

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    Congress Passes Coronavirus Law Requiring Paid Employee Leave

    The U.S. Senate voted to approve a coronavirus relief bill that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

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    The Carrier Response to COVID-19

    Explore these brief summaries of the steps being taken by carriers, including links to their specific press releases and/or resources.

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    Outside the Box Ideas for Workplace Well-Being

    6.1.20 What’s the difference between Wellness and Well-being? Why are Well-being Initiatives valuable to your organization and how do you measure their success? In this video, we explore those questions and offer outside the box ideas for supporting the mental and emotional health of your employees, whether they’re heading back to the office or continuing to work remotely.


    Understanding The Value Telemedicine Can Bring To Health Consumers

    5.11.20 Our world of traditional, in person doctor visits are being complimented with the advanced world of telemedicine. We explain the benefits and ease of using these services through medical carriers. Matt shares helpful tips on how to use them effectively and gives info on the new HSA and FSA guidelines for over-the-counter medications. Check out the video and handout to make sure that you are utilizing the new benefits for each plan.


    COVID-19 and Beyond: Adjusting to Unpredictable Work Environments

    5.7.20 The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way businesses worldwide are operating. Companies are requiring employees to work from home. In this webinar, SyncShow Vice President of Client Services Nadine Nocero-Tye interviews five experts, who are helping their organizations pivot for success during COVID-19 & beyond, as they discuss how to adjust to the new normal.


    Employee Assistance Programs (EAP): Help Your Employees Manage Change

    5.5.20 “The body follows the mind” Now more than ever it’s important to understand the connection between physical and mental health. Being in a state of change and uncertainty creates stress, which impacts employees' well-being. This hurts productivity and the culture you’ve worked hard to develop. In this video, we discuss the value of Employee Assistance Programs, how to help your employees utilize them, and the positive impact they’ll have on your organization. 


    New VIRTUAL PROGRAM Offered By DSBG and Predictive Index

    5.1.20 We are excited to introduce two new programs to specifically support executive level teams on leading through crisis and how to strengthen teams during change. Both workshops are customized to your business and include behavior assessments for the group. The Predictive Index Talent Optimization tool utilizes data from your assessments to hire, inspire, design and diagnose your teams and leadership. Reach out to schedule your team or group of leaders today!


    Bringing Employees Back – Return to Work Playbook

    4.28.20 Governor DeWine announced the first phase of reopening Ohio, including Responsible Protocols for all. We have the customizable tools you need to make sure your company avoids the potential risks and liabilities of not doing it the right way. This includes policies and protocols that are in line with the CDC, ADA, OSHA and other state and federal regulations that we have assembled into a user-friendly “Return to Work” Playbook. For specific industry guidelines announced for Ohio, click here.


    Navigating COBRA During COVID-19 and Beyond

    4.22.20 Recently many employers have been making tough decisions to terminate or furlough employees and have questions about handling the continuation of their benefits. Sometimes, in trying to help their employees, their actions backfire and do more damage than good. Amy and Erin discuss how to avoid those mistakes, what you need to know about COBRA and offer guidance for employees trying to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. 


    Supporting Balance: Employer Communication and Measuring WFH Productivity Differently

    4.20.20 Please enjoy this video and checklist handout for tips on how to change our mindset, as employers, to better support our employees who are balancing a ton at home. This includes how to break down barriers between personal and professional communication and how to measure productivity while working remotely. The handout includes a FREE GIFT from one of our valued partners.


    Now what? Recalling Employees, Creating a Safe Workplace, and PPP Loan Forgiveness

    4.17.20 Building off of Gov. Mike DeWine’s Coronavirus briefing on April 16, 2020, it is time to start the slow process of bringing the workforce back. Jon Hyman, partner at Meyers Roman, joined us to share best practices for recalling laid off and furloughed employees, the right way to continue our progress with flattening the curve, and reminders for those looking ahead to PPP loan forgiveness. More info from Jon at Meyers Roman COVID-19 & his Coronavirus Blog Posts.


    Self-Funded Groups, COVID-19 Treatments, and Working Through Layoffs

    4.16.20 Dustin Fowkes and Matt Baker host a discussion around how self-funding groups are working through the changes with COVID-19 testing and treatment, and the difference in requirements from fully insured groups. We also touch on how insurance plans are dealing with layoffs, furloughed employees and unemployment. Lastly, we discuss the importance of making sure plan documents are up to date. 


    Stay at Home Order Extended to May 1st, Now What?

    4.8.20 Mike Rao gives some helpful tips on how to maintain a positive culture. He also explains the importance of using engagement surveys to find out the strengths and areas of improvement during this time we are working remotely.


    COVID-19 Employer Benefit Q&A

    4.6.20 Ann Stark & Erin Mercuri are here to answer the top 5 questions our account managers have been asked by you. Here is the FAQ sheet that goes along with this video. Please reach out if you need more information or if you have other questions you want answered.


    HR Reminders During COVID-19

    4.2.20 Our team is here to serve all your human capital needs including HR support and we are happy to talk through any of your questions one on one. There are many regulations and relief measures that we are reviewing so we can better answer your questions as they come. We also have reminders and resources to help your team through tough times while working remotely. We are happy to help. 


    Furlough, Lay-off, Reduction in Force...What Are the Differences?

    3.30.20 This video features our HR Consultant, Michelle McMahon, on the latest updates with the Family First Act. She also helps understand the differences in terms when employers are faced with reducing or eliminating their staff during the Corona Virus pandemic.


    Family First Response Act & Paid Leave

    3.25.20 Video with Matt Baker & Jon Hyman from Meyers Roman answering your top legal questions on Family First Response Act & Paid Leave.


    Maintaining Your Culture in Uncertain Times

    3.24.20 Mike Rao answers questions from Erin Mercuri on How to keep your team engaged during a pandemic. Working from home and navigating how to maintain your culture through technology. Learn more from our Organizational Development & Employee Benefits team. Ask questions & reach out! 

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