Give Your Employees More Flexibility and Choice


As competition for talent continues to stiffen, more and more employers are offering ancillary benefits to their staff. For many companies, ancillary benefits are an opportunity to give their valued employees more flexibility and options while still keeping their own costs manageable.

By offering your employees ancillary benefits, you are giving them the chance to customize a plan that meets their unique lifestyle and financial needs. What’s more, you’re showing them that you care about their wellbeing.

Ancillary benefits can be beneficial to employers and employees alike.

For employers:

  • Can reduce your FICA contributions
  • Can enhance your reputation among employees
  • Can elevate your company as an employer of choice

For employees:

  • Can lower taxable income and out-of-pocket costs
  • Can offer more flexibility to meet their unique needs
  • Can offer added security and peace of mind

Ancillary benefits can be employer paid or offered as a voluntary employee-paid premium. Whether you’re looking for life insurance and disability or something more innovative, like pet insurance, the experts at DS Benefits Group can help you determine which added benefits are right for your company and your team.

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