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Why do some organizations scratch to meet their goals while others crush them? Why do the highest caliber employees flock to some companies and avoid others? What separates the good firms from the great ones?

Simply put: employee engagement.

Companies that excel at the highest level have a team that engages at the highest level. Walk through their doors, and you’ll see it immediately. Employees are motivated to bring new ideas to the table. Team members are eager to offer their input. More of the staff is willing to devote more of their discretionary time to the mission. It’s a culture that is positive, collaborative and productive.

Is yours?

How Engaged Is Your Team?

Studies show that in the majority of organizations, employee engagement is low. In a typical company:

  • 30% of employees are highly engaged.
  • 40% are moderately engaged, meaning they’re doing a good job, but have room for improvement
  • 30% are actively disengaged and are a detriment to the organization’s success.

If you’re experiencing high employee turnover, have ongoing destructive internal conflict and aren’t achieving your goals, it’s time to look at improving your team engagement.

A Proven Approach

If you’re like most organizations, as much as 70% of your staff could be more engaged. With our holistic approach to organizational development, we can unlock your employees’ and your organization’s full potential. We offer a wide range of tools and strategies to maximize team engagement. Utilizing proven methodologies tailored to your specific needs, we can help you develop:

  • More effective leadership. Through our leadership development training programs, we can help your leaders become better coaches, communicators, managers and mentors.
  • Higher-performing teams. Utilizing our team development training, we can work with your staff to improve efficiency, productivity, and job satisfaction.
  • A more positive company culture. We can work with you to create an atmosphere that is more engaging and empowering.
  • A shared vision and purpose. When everyone in your organization is working toward the same goal, great things happen. We can help you define and articulate your vision.
  • Systems of accountability. When people embrace their responsibilities and are held accountable, your entire company becomes more collaborative and effective.
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