Using Employee Assessments to Place the Right People in the Right Roles


You’ve discussed it with the management team, and you’re thinking about making one of your star employees a manager. It’s an important position that could greatly affect the future success of the company. The question is: is this person--as qualified as he or she might be--actually ready for that new role? Do they possess the specific skill sets, personality traits and emotional intelligence necessary to succeed?

Don’t guess. Contact DS Benefits Group. Using a variety of behavioral and psychological assessment tools, we can help you understand where your employees are strong and where they have opportunities for growth.

Findings from our assessments will give us key insights into how certain individuals will operate in certain roles. More importantly, it will give you the information you need to staff your team appropriately and to identify areas where certain employees can grow.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

One of the key areas we look at first is emotional intelligence, or EQ, for short. EQ is a measure of our capacity to recognize our own emotions as well as those of others and to use that information to guide our thinking and behavior to achieve our goals.

How important is EQ? Data tells us that for the highest performing leaders, EQ plays a significant role in their success. So, it pays to have a clear understanding of your staff’s EQ.

Our Process

We look at 27 different competencies in four major emotional intelligence categories:

  • Self-management. How well are your team members able to control their emotions? Is their demeanor appropriate for the time and the situation? Do they have the ability to stay on task?
  • Self-awareness. Do your employees understand how they affect others in the organization? Are they cognizant of their own weaknesses? Are they in touch with their own feelings and emotions?
  • Empathy. Do your employees have the ability to see an issue from another person’s point of view? Can they interpret feelings and reactions appropriately?
  • Management skills. How do your team members approach people, problems and tasks? Do they have the ability to motivate and encourage others? Do they have the capacity to empower and engage their staff?

Cognitive Assessments

Our cognitive assessments determine, among other things, if a person is able to see patterns, make connections and navigate through difficult situations.

Assessing your employees’ cognitive skills can help you identify areas within your company where they will be most effective.

Behavioral/Personality Assessments

With our behavioral/personality assessments, we can determine how a staff member approaches people, problems and tasks. Our findings give us key insights on how they will operate in a particular role.

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We Coach You to Coach

At DS Benefits Group, we certify people within your own organization to become behavioral coaches.

We work with you to establish benchmarks for each position within your organization. Then we train you to do the assessments and analyze the data so that you can develop coaching programs on your own.

This program gives you the ability to be more proactive in meeting your company’s ever-changing needs as it grows and evolves.