Revealing the Excellence Within You Through Professional Development Training


Every person in your organization has the potential to be great. Some of your team members may already be exemplifying it with their outstanding performance and productivity and want to reach even further. Others may be facing barriers – either internal or external – that are preventing them from achieving their full potential. Still, others may not even realize how good they can be.

At DS Benefits Group, our professional development experts work with individuals and groups to maximize performance at every level.

  • Leadership development training. Utilizing our proven leadership development training programs, we can help the heads in your company become more effective coaches, communicators, and managers.

Not only do we work with your individual leaders, we also work with your leadership group as a whole. By implementing behavioral and psychological testing as well as proven coaching methods, we can help foster better collaboration, encourage positive conflict and debate, improve engagement, and make each member more accountable.

  • Team development. With our team development training programs, we can work with your staff to improve efficiency, collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction.

We will help you establish benchmarks for each role within your organization, and then put a plan into place to help your teams achieve them.

Proven Success

Our professional development program will help you separate your people and your organization from the pack. With a high-functioning team, you will have employees who are more engaged, proactive and productive. You will have a team that feels a stronger connection to your cause and are working together toward a common goal.

Many of our clients are seeing the results firsthand, as they have been recognized as best-in-class organizations by a number of nationally-known publications.

Literature & Videos

Check out these helpful resources from The Predictive Index (PI) team to learn more:

Click here to watch a short video on talent optimization. Talent Optimization is a four-part discipline allowing leaders to align their business strategy with their people strategy for optimal business results.  

Click here to watch a short software overview to see how PI has evolved over the years to be a Talent Optimization Platform that can be used as a pre and post-hire solution.

Click here to see all the different reports PI is able to generate to help you map your people strategy to your business strategy through Talent Optimization. 

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